For Our kids!

e24c7f4aaf137ab743c47339df412f15.jpgWhen I talk about them, people always ask me if Berry Garden Gummies really is one of the best products on the market. My answer every time is, yes. It’s really that simple, for a couple of reasons.

Start with the ingredients your kids are getting out of this unique multivitamin and you might be a little surprised. Instead of confusing chemicals I can barely pronounce, it’s easy to find organic blueberries, organic broccoli, and even organic Flax seed in Berry Garden Gummies. It makes perfect sense to have actual fruits and vegetables in a multivitamin to allows kids to absorb an organic, whole food source of vitamins and minerals.
So you’re probably wondering, how is this helpful? It’s actually a lot easier for your body to absorb more of the vitamins and minerals when they come from a whole food source (hard to do with synthetic ingredients). So the fruits and veggies are providing antioxidants, brain and immune support for your child’s overall wellness. I’m a young adult, attending University of Central Florida while majoring in Biology who’s been taking Berry Garden Gummies for nearly 10 years now. I have to say, there’s no other multivitamin that gives me as much energy or makes me feel as healthy.

Not too long ago were the days when I saw how stressful it was for my mom to try and get us to like our vitamins, but they were big pills or chemical tasting powders. Then along came Berry Garden Gummies. My brother, sister, and I said bye bye to synthetic multivitamins so we could make room for a whole food multivitamin inside of a gummy. Okay, so maybe we didn’t know all the health benefits at the time, but it’s not hard to realize chewing up a gummy is better than swallowing a giant pill.

One of my concerns as a kid was that no matter how healthy organic parsley or ginger is, the whole gummy will taste funny with an ingredient like that. Safe to say, I was wrong. There’s an assortment of cherry, orange, and lime flavors so it’s easy for every kid to find their favorite. If I had to recommend the best flavor, give your child a cherry gummy first and thank me later. Enjoy your next bottle of Berry Garden Gummies!